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About Regula Ysewijn

Regula Ysewijn is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning food writer, photographer, culinary historian, and author of six books about food culture, including one for the National Trust and hit TV show Downton Abbey.

On this Substack Regula is talking about everything that interests her, this can be food history but also other topics.

Topics are (but aren’t limited to) the history of British puddings and bakes, the traditions of Belgian beer cafés and the history of baking in the Low Countries.

Regula is one of the two judges of the Belgian version of The Great British Bake Off (Bake off Vlaanderen) and a judge for The Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards and World Cheese Awards for nearly 10 years. In 2022 Regula was one of the five judges along with Mary Berry and the royal chef Mark Flanagan, for the Queen of England’s Platinum Pudding Competition, which was broadcasted on the BBC.  

Regula was born in Flanders, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium. She travels between Britain and Belgium for her work, this can be TV appearances, talks, demos and research. Regula also hosts a sporadic podcast.

After her internationally lauded Pride and Pudding and Oats in the North, Wheat from the South, Belgian Café Culture and other books, Regula Ysewijn turns her attention to the baking traditions of Belgium – the place of her birth with her latest book: Dark Rye and Honey Cake – Festival baking from Belgium, the heart of the Low Countries. In this book Regula links art of the Low Countries to the food history and festival traditions of the region.

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Belgian author of 6 books | Photographer | Culinary Historian | Judge on Bake Off Flanders & Great Taste Awards | Latest book: Dark rye and Honey Cake, Festival baking from Belgium, the heart of the Low Countries